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Abigail Doan, Foglia, 2002 SOLD

Ravenna Taylor, Parantrophic 15, 2000

Karen Dolmanisth, Crisis, survival management:
daily practice-art/meditation/breathe,

Theresa Hackett, Pump it Up, 2010

Ecoarttech, (Cary Peppermint), Google is a National Park
and Nature is a Search Engine, 2010

Sharon Unis, Untitled, 2010

Susan Silas, The Dreamlife of Mayflies,
Tisza River Project Hungary, 2009 SOLD

Joseph Smolinski, Oil and Water, 2010
courtesy Mixed Greens Gallery

Susan Leibovitz Steinman, Beneath Land and Water,
a project for Elkhorn City, KY (with Suzanne Lacy) 2006 SOLD

Stacy Levy, Cluster Pool, 2010

Robert Lobe, The Meadowlands NJ, 2009

Nikko Sedgwick, Tree Bar, 2010

Kevin Ryan, Bio Luminescence-In All People I See Myself, 2010

Kathy Bruce, Cirulatory System: Internal Transport and Defense, 2010

Jane Marsching, Balance Future, 2010

Janet Farb, Self, 2010

Ana MacArthur, Journey Through V.Amazonica-16, 2010

Aleta Wolfe, Untitled, 2010

David Nyzio, Untitled (Smoke), 2010 SOLD

Kathy Moss, Rose Bud Situation, 2010 SOLD

Andra Samelson, Wherever You Are, 2010

Jackie Brookner, A Quivering Strand, 2010 SOLD

Eve Andree Laramee, Bifurcation (pierced leaf), 2010 SOLD

Paul Dacey, Fire/Ice, 2010

Chuck Agro, Be Gentle, 2010 SOLD

Geoffrey Hendricks, Sky and Cloud, 2010 SOLD

Suzanne Stryk, What Matters Most, 2010 SOLD

Thomas Eller, The Bounty, 2010

Kyle Gallup, Green House, 2010

Wendy Klemperer, Tiger Drinking Night, 2010 SOLD

Barbe Slitkin, Solutions, 2010

Brenda Zlamany, AG's Owl, 2010 SOLD

Karen Reitzel

Joan Bankemper, Garden Gift Certificate, 2010

Sheilah Rechtschaffer, Rising Sea, Water Falling Food, 2010

Alyce Santoro, Untitled, 2010

Richard Kirk Mills, Time, 2010

Martha Lewis, Untitled 2010

Mauricio Collini, Back to Life Again, 2010

Juan Lazaro, Rugby Boys, 2010 SOLD

Maggie Carey, Untitled, 2010

Nina Yankowitz, Untitled, 2009

Claire Snavely, Concentricity, 2010

Kristen Chin, Untitled, 2010

Beth Haber, Water is Taught by Thirst, 2010

Rosalind Schneider, Root Glacier Melt,
video frame from Alaskan Journey, 2010

Diane Bowen, Untitled, 2010

Emma Johnson, Untitled, 2010

Peter Ianarelli, Untitled, 2010

Sarah Kariko,
Homage II: Honoring Buffalo/Refelecting on our Complex History of Expansion, 2010

Michael Alsted, Untitled 2010

Elizabeth Donsky, Untitled 2010

Ryan Cronin, Family 2010

Steve Keister, Volcano, 2010

Patrick Toh, What Comes Around, Goes Around, 2010

Trine Bumiller, Rivers of America #18, 2010 SOLD

Robin Lasser/Adrienne Pao, Ice Queen:
Glacial Retreat Tent Dress,
2010 SOLD

Ellen Brooks, Untitled, 2010

Mary Mattingly, Full Moon Over the New City, 2010

Kazumi Tanaka, Kiki (Japanese Chrysanthemum), 2010 SOLD

Jennifer Zackin, Wake Up Time, Tea Time Series #2,
yogi tea packaging, 2010

Jennifer Cecere, Doily for Van Cortlandt Park, 2010

Andrea Legge, Untitled, 2010

Roy Staab, Snow Angel, 2010

Betsy Damon, Living Ocean, 2010

Ruth Wallen, From The World in a Puddle Series, 2010

Daniel Reiser, Water, 2010

Papo Colo, El Bichite Del Jefe V, Ripcon, 2010

Carla Goldberg, The Source, 2010

Despo Magoni, Sending out an SOS, 2010

Tania Vera Oliveira Pires, Hino a Harmonia, 2010

Allan Wexler, Shade Trees, ink or Arches paper, 2010 SOLD

Alastair Noble, Mapping Arcadia Isle Martin and a Typography of Place, 2009

Abigail Doan, Global Nesting, 2010

Amy Caterina, Pseudo-Sod Car Coves, Cherry Blossoms, 2010

Cathey Billian, 7:10 AM (the wild and scenic edge), 2010

Gregor Schatz, Dead Gorgeous, 2010

Ann Fanciullo-Sperling, Closer Look II, 2010

Rodney Samuelson, Web of Life, 2010

Todd Sargood, Recycled Drawing #2, 2010 SOLD

Suzy Sureck, The Sky is Full of Holes, 2010

Suzan Shutan, Windswept Procreation, 2010

Sarah McCoubrey, Wastebed Exploration Vehicle, 2010

Richard Samuelson, Save the Earth, 2010

Peter Bynum, Untitled for What Matters Most, 2010

Austin Thomas, Happy Healthy Life, 2010

Nina Katchadourian, Untitled, 2010 SOLD

Nikki Johnson, Trashed, 2010

Nathan Goddard, Earthen Scape Lakeshore MI, 2010

Mauro Zamora, Pit, 2010

Mary Sweeney, Flight, 2009

Marnie Hillsley, No Blue, No Ocean, No Life, 2010

Mary Ann Strandell, Eco Song Birds, 2010 SOLD

Kathleen Sweeney, Light Map, 2010

James Walsh, Crab Apple, Plucked Along the Gowanis Canal in Brooklyn, 2009

Janet Biggs, Untitled Video Still, 2009

George Lea, Art America Project, 2010

Catherine Tirr, Las Flores Fire, 2010

Claudia Senior Roges, Water Addicts, 2010

Alison Schuettinger, Water the Light, 2010

Alicia Duque, Spoiled, 2010

Raquel Rabinovich, River Library 368, Mekong and Arno Rivers
mud on Essindia paper SOLD

Molly Herman, Tree Blot, 2010

Julia Kunin, Untitled (tree with hanging islands), 2010

Krisanne Baker, Her Deepness, 2010
(in response to the Sylvia Earle on Dot Earth)

Jenny Hankwitz, Bowl Pour - Earth #1, 2010

Joyce Cutler-Shaw, What Shall We Do When the River Runs Dry? 2010

David Webster, All the Eye Words, 2010 SOLD

Andrew Hart Adler/Carolyn Beegan, Untitled, 2010

Ulrike Arnold, Meteorite Dust, 2010

Yo Park, Green Horizon, 2010

Jennifer Trail, Here We Are Free, 2008 SOLD

Ross Racine, Chestnut Gap, 2006 SOLD

Amy Bassin/Frie J. Jacob, Gentrification, 2010

Peter L. Johnson, #113, 2010 (polymer lining of corroding diesel oil barrel
in MN
river flood plain)

Marion Wilson, Solvay Waste Bed, 2010
(miniature oil painting on glass slide- see below)

Marion Wilson, Soil Sample, 2010 (miniature oil painting on glass slide)

Jacki Apple, Homeless, 2010

Greg Patch, Infinity 6, 2010

Anne Senstad, The Sugarcane Labyrinth, 2009

Amy Bassin, Global Warming, 2010

Alexandra Toland, Sonatina Altissima: a meditation on urban brownfield restoration, 2010

Katie Holten, What Matters Most (The Golden Bough), 2010

Mardi Burnham, Forest, 2010, (on recycled cough syrup package)

David Chow, Untitled, 2010 SOLD

Peggy Cyphers, Paradise Lexicon, 2010 SOLD

Steven Siegel, To See Jennie Smile, 2010 SOLD

Sandy Gellis, Unseen, 2010

Richard Bruce, Stain, 2010

Matt Magee, Mesh Project 1, 2010 (wire)

Meghan Fulkerson, Untitled, 2010

Carol Flaitz, Microanachronism, 2010

Lael Marshall, Bag Disease, 2010 (on take-out container)

David Schafer, Public Ecology, 2010

Ivy Walker, Untitled, 2010 SOLD

Matt Bua, One Love vs. All Hate, 2010 SOLD

Sarah Havilland, Vision Tree, 2010

Lorrie Fredette, Hot and Wet, 2010

Perry Bard, Mo(u)rning Cup, 2010

Todd Forsgren, Untitled, 2010

Nick Lamia, Untitled, 2010 SOLD

Nicole Fournier, Imaginary Interconnected Organism-Nipolativiness, 2010

Mary Jones, 43rd St, 2010

Lisa Hoke, Think Small, 2010

Cameron Davis, We are the Rocks Dancing, 2010
(title text is underneath rice paper panels)

Jennifer Peck, Untitled, 2010

Ayesha Ibrahim, Hope for Haiti, Hope for the World, 2010

Shelley Marlow, Kitchen, 2010 SOLD

Judy Glantzman, Untitled, 1993 $1000

Jeanne Wilkinson, Air Giver, 2010 SOLD

Constance Merriman, Personal Bird Garden, 2010

Joanne Howard, Untitled, 2010 SOLD

Sarah Hinckley, Out on Some Borderline, 2010

Jill Vasileff, Oil-Slick, 2010

Sandi Slone, Just This, 2010

Michael Anthony Natiello, Untitled, 2010

Jill Slaymaker, Moonlit Sketch (escape from NY), 2010 SOLD

Gregory Botts, Earth in Sky/Villa Diamonds, Night Studio, 2010

Federica Matta, La Tiera Somos Todos, 2010 SOLD

Claudia Schwalb, eco, 2010

Catherine Howe, Botanical Savoy, 2005 SOLD

Beverly Naidus, Generally Alarming, 2001

Mimi Smith, Waste Not Women's Work, 2010 SOLD

J. Henry Fair, Blood from a Stone, 2010 SOLD

John Hitchcock, Where are all the Buffalo?, 2010

Abigail Stern, Opus Magnum 171, 2010

Joan Perlman, Ice Diamond, 2009

Bill Schuck, Carta, 2010

Maxine Henryson, Sonian Forest Belgium, 2001

Nitin Mukul, Meltdown 2 K.A.L.I., 2010

Claudia Hart, Woman Transforming into Dirt, 2010

James Brady, Earth, Air or Sea, 2010

Carla Gannis, Crossing, 2010

Jill Levine, Boca Abierta, 2010

Susannah Saylor/Ed Morris from the Canary Project, Glacial Ice Cap
and Permafrost Melting: Lima Peru,

Ilse Schreiber-Noll, Conserve Wetlands, 2010 SOLD

Stephanie Brody-Lederman, Grow Curb Appeal, 2010

Ruth Hardinger, Air and Water, 2010 SOLD

Robin Tewes, Housing Project # 29

Sarah Bliss, Awaken, 2009

Jaanika Peerna, Air Dance, 2010

Carter Hodgkin, Algae, 2010 SOLD

Kim Mayhew, Blue Jellies, 2010

Basia Irland, Water/Peace, 2010 SOLD

L.C. Armstrong, Smokin Sunflower, 2010 SOLD

Ming Fay, Trace, 2010 SOLD

Alison Moritsugu, Ahupua'a, 2010 SOLD

Kunie Suguira, Degradation Split Carnation, 2001 SOLD

Sant Khalsa, Study for the Sacred Spring, 1996-2010 SOLD

Joy Episalla, Raven #2, 2010 SOLD

Christy Rupp, Energy Sacrifice Zone, 2010 SOLD

Anne-Katrin Spiess, Interview with Succulents #5, 2010

Joy Garnett, Melt, 2009 SOLD

Hope Sandrow, Observational Findings: Spring Sampler, 2008 SOLD

Xavier Cortada, Reclaim What Matters Most, 2010

Laura Lynch, What Matters Most?, 2010

Elisa Pritzker, Zipped, 2010

Norm Magnusson, Fig. 5 pixelanimus infestation, 2010 SOLD

Joel Tauber, Laying with the Tree
(from the project Sick-Amour)
, 2010

Rhona Bitner, Untitled (From the Series Circus for ecoartspace) 2010

Paul Miller (aka D.J. Spooky) Manifesto for a People's Republic of Antarctica, 2009
$1,000. Courtesy Robert Miller Gallery

J.J. L'Heureux, Atka Bay Emperor Chicks, 2010

Jan Harrison, Snow Leopard - Blue, 2010 SOLD

Arlene Rush, Reflections of a Life, 2010

Aviva Rahmani, Water Matters: A Beautiful View #9, 2010